pv iv systemsAnalytical instrumentation is what we do – and we’re very good at it. Come to us for your analytical needs. We will find a solution for you. That’s a promise.

Spotlight: Model 10500 Low-cost solar simulator from Abet Technologies, USA.

lowcost2The most economical Class A solar simulator available!

Our portfolio  …

E-beam lithography: Dr. JC Nabity’s Nanometer Pattern Generation System is the top selling SEM lithography system in North America – and is increasingly popular across the world. NPGS is now available in India through AnalySys Sciences.

NPGS is a powerful and user-friendly system for e-beam lithography or ion beam lithography, that works with almost any commercial SEM, STEM, FIB or Helium Ion microscope. And it’s available at a fraction of the cost of an e-beam writer.

Solar cell characterisation: From Abet Technologies, USA, we offer a comprehensive range of solar simulators, IV-PV systems, accessories and software for solar cell characterisation.

Nano-motion control: An innovator in nanotechnology motion systems, Alio Industries designs and manufactures proprietary robotic devices that enable precise nano-scale movement. Holding several patents in the field of nano-motion control, ALIO sets the standards for nano-precision design and systems.

Vibration isolation:  No one can match our range of vibration isolators, for any analytical instrument you can think of. From 1kg to 1000kg payloads, from palm-sized ph meters to room-sized electron microscopes, and more. If vibration is your problem, you must talk to us.

Automated imaging:  Be it a complete system for a complex biological experiment, an automation device for increasing throughput, or an inspection system to catch defects and increase production, Applied Scientific Instrumentation has the products, people and partners to provide well-engineered solutions for you.

Chromatography:  Our expertise in gas chromatography is considerable. We offer an impressive range of gas chromatographs, automated headspace analysers, hydrogen generators and accessories for gas chromatography, all manufactured in India.