We are the PV people …

Photovoltaic characterisation is what we do.

From Abet Technologies, USA, we bring you solar simulators, IV-PV systems, Tracer software and everything you need for solar cell characterisation.

Come to us for your photovoltaic research needs. We will find a solution for you. That’s a promise.


NEW! Solar cell IV convertor: The really low-cost alternative to an expensive SMU!

The new 15160 IV convertor is a full function, low cost source-measure unit. Works stand-alone or with a PC.  2-wire and 4-wire connectivity built-in.  Labview drivers built-in for free!

Solar Simulators: Abet designs and makes a huge range of steady-state solar simulators, from 100W to 3kW with one sun or greater, and illuminated field sizes from 50 x 50 mm to 35 x 35 cm. You can be sure we have a solar simulator that’s just right for you.

IV-PV Systems: Abet’s range of IV-PV systems and IV-PV testing chucks is simply unmatched. No matter which PV cell it is, or what the contact geometry is, we can offer you an IV-PV system specific to your needs.

Abet-ReRa Tracer software: The only software solution you will ever need for the characterisation of IV curves.


Probe Stations:  Abet Technologies makes PV-IV probe stations for every type of solar cell.  Vacuum chucks, flip-chucks, top/bottom, top/top, and bottom/bottom solar cells from 3 x 3 mm to 300 x 300 mm. Multiple devices on a single substrate and multifunction probe stations are also available.

Xenon light sourcesThe patented LS-150 is a compact and stable 150 watt short-arc Xenon light source. With a comprehensive range of filters and optical components, you can tailor the LS-150 to your research applications. 

UV Exposure Sources: For photolithography and similar applications, Abet provides customised  UV exposure sources, with a number of spectral and field size options. Sources range in size from 2 x 2 to 8 x 8 inch illuminated fields.


Download the catalog here. (File size: 1.3mB)