NEW! Solar cell IV convertor

Abet’s model 15160 IV convertor is a full function, low cost source-measure unit. The instrument works stand-alone or with a computer to allow four quadrant measurements of the output of a solar cell or a calibrated reference cell.

The instrument can be operated from its touchscreen in a stand-alone mode. The USB connector on the instrument allows for PC control. The device integrates directly with Tracer software and a dedicated LabVIEW driver is available for free.

Two and four wire connectivity modes are supported. The ±200mA and ±5V
data acquisition limits are more than adequate for smaller cells used in research and development or education and for most reference cells.

The active IV converter electronics inside the Solar Cell IVConverter keep reference cells in short circuit conditions to assure best linearity. As a solar reference cell performance is temperature dependent, the unit measures the reference cell temperature and corrects the measured output to 25°C automatically. Some reference solar cells have an internal
shunt to provide the user with a voltage signal, instead of current. These shunted cells are supported by the instrument as well.


Current range/resolution ±200mA / 100µA
Voltage range/resolution ±5VDC / 500µV
Bias voltage range/step ±5VDC, 5mV
IV curve measurement 100 simultaneous current-voltage points in < 5 sec
Shutter output 0..5V TTL