IV-PV Systems

iv systemCustomised IV-PV systems

  • Standard current ranges to 5A (10A on special order).
  • 1x1mm to 156x156mm stations standard
  • Pneumatic actuated stations for the manufacturing floor.
  • Temperature controlled and vacuum chuck stations.
  • Simple solutions for small budgets.
  • Probes spaced so as to equalize current density within the solar cell.
  • Low shadowing, spring loaded probes
  • Kelvin probe (four point measurements) methodology standard

ReRa Tracer Software

  • Complete solar cell IV-curve tracing and analysis
  • IEC standards compliantscreenshot5
  • Reference cell corrected metrology
  • Correction to standard test conditions
  • Wide range of solar simulators and Source-Meters® controlled
  • Freely downloadable extension plug-ins add new instruments controlled and analysis techniques.
  • Dark curve and temperature dependence analysis.
  • Database connectors for SQL server and MySQL.
  • Numerous solar cell material specific models included.