Reference Cells

Abet Technologies solar reference cell is a precision instrument for the determination of solar simulator irradiance levels. The sensor is a mono-crystalline silicon solar cell with a surface area of 4 sqcm.

A Pt100 RTD temperature sensor is mounted below the solar cell, to allow monitoring of device temperature. The solar cell is protected by a high quality fused silica window, assuring spectral sensitivity over a 320 -1100 nm range.

Abet’s reference cells are calibrated at the PV-device calibration facility of the Radboud University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands. This calibration laboratory uses state of the art instruments to characterize solar cells. All reference solar cells are calibrated against an NREL certified reference cell. Calibration is performed using a Class A AM 1.5G spectral distribution Abet Technologies Sun 2000 Solar Simulator at near 1000 Wm-2 irradiance level and then corrected to the STC of 1000 Wm -2 and 25°C.

Each reference solar cell is delivered with a calibration report showing the IV-curve plot and the following parameters: Isc, Voc, I, Vmpp, Fill Factor and Efficiency. Relative spectral response measurement is available as one of the options.

Calibrated reference cells are available for immediate shipment.