High-output simulators

High Output Power
For experiments that require multiple sun output, the 11014 will provide more than 10 suns (10,000W/m^2).

Clean Cooling
Any dust or dirt particles introduced into an optical system can degrade system performance and shorten the life of critical optical components. Sun 2000 sources utilize a HEPA filtered cooling fan to extend the life of the delicate optical components.

Abet Technologies offers a number of spectral and field size options to match your application.

The compact design of the systems, combined with the long working distance optics, leaves the space below these instruments wide open for any sample positioning or testing equipment. Unit mounting options allow suspension from above leaving the space below totally free if needed.

Up-pointing and horizontal output direction models are also available.

Long working distances allow easy interface to vacuum boxes.

Beyond the standard AM 1.5 and AM 0 filters many other filters are offered to fine tune the spectral characteristics of the source for your particular application.