Low-cost solar simulator

10500Model 10500 is a low-cost alternative to expensive solar simulators for applications that do not require a large illuminated field. The optical system of the 10500 produces a collimated 25 mm beam. Focus or defocus it for higher irradiance or larger solar cells. One sun output is achievable up to a 35 mm diameter illuminated field.

Innovative Optical Design

The 10500 utilizes a fast F/1 optical system and rear reflector to collect radiation from the lamp allowing over 3 suns output over smaller fields. The beam can be collimated at 25 mm diameter or defocused to illuminate larger cells. Focus, lateral, and rear reflector adjustments allow for optimizing beam size and uniformity. One sun performance for up to a 35 mm diameter illuminated field with uniformity of +/- 20% can be achieved with careful alignment. Smaller areas within the illuminated field will provide higher levels of uniformity if required.

Adaptable System Configuration

The 10500 offers a flexible design that can be adapted to your particular needs. The standard configuration is a horizontal output full spectrum solar simulator. A number of different air mass filters that meet ASTM, IEC and JIS Class A specifications can be conveniently mounted to the face plate of the 10500 Solar Simulator. For down-beam illumination, a 90 degree beam turner is available. Class B uniformity performance can be obtained with the 10511 Uniform Illumination Accessory.