Sunlite Solar Simulators

sunliteAbet Technologies’ Model 11002 SunLite™ A new low-cost Class A solar simulator from Abet Technologies.

Gen III Optics for High Efficiency Illumination

  • Infinitely Adjustable Irradiance, Reproducibly Settable
  • Class A AM1.5G Spectral Match
  • ASTM Class A stability
  • 50×50 mm Class B uniformity
  • Manual Shutter Included, Electronic Shutter Optional
  • Uninterrupted testing with the prealigned lamps
  • HEPA filtered air cooling

More Features, Lower Price

Abet Technologies’ Model 11002 SunLite™ sets a new standard for 50×50 mm field solar simulators using only a 100 W Xe arc lamp. A wide range of reproducible irradiance settings is made possible by the available attenuation option. Highly stable long term and short term output allows for reproducible metrology.


Innovative Optical Design
The 11002 SunLiteTM Solar Simulator utilizes an optimized optical system to deliver more than one AM1.5G sun irradiance over a 50×50 mm area utilizing only a 100 W Xe arc lamp. For test needs at other than one sun conditions order the attenuation option offering a wide and reproducible range of irradiance control.


Adaptable System Configuration
The 11002 SunLite™ Solar Simulator offers a flexible design that can be adapted to many particular needs. Standard configuration is a downward output system with an AM 1.5G filter included which is easily converted to a horizontal or up pointing output system using only a screwdriver. The long working distance design makes it highly compatible with glove box based test needs.

Complete test solutions
Combine the SunLite™ Solar Simulator with one of Abet Technologies’ many test stations to match DSSC, Perovskite, Silicon, Thin Film, or numerous other solar cell materials. For standards compliant PV-IV metrology add the Tracer™ hardware control and data analysis software and one of the full featured 15150 family or the low cost 15151 calibrated reference cells. Temperature control and vacuum pumps are available as needed.

Available Options
Add the Model 15278 electronic shutter option to allow computer control for light soaking and timed irradiance.

Add the 15279 continuously adjustable height stand with electronic readout for infinite resolution, reproducible irradiance control.

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